Hi there! I’m Tammie Earl, wife of a United States Marine and mother of two boys in elementary school. Although we move all-the-ever-loving-time, I managed to get my Masters degree in Education. I love to learn, enjoy teaching adults, can’t stay off the internet, and adore my family. What better way to honor them than to manage a blog that offers ideas and suggestions for other stay-at-home-parents? And while I’m at it, I might as well offer super affordable website hosting to help other parents find a way to create an honest wage from the comfort of their own home. Why? Because I can!

Staying at home and being a full-time parent is NOT easy. Many people think it has to be better than going to work every day, and shoot, I agree! But it’s not for everyone and unless your spouse makes a great deal more than mine does, your family is going to have to learn to cut some corners and trim some fat to make it work.

The good news is, trimming a budget, saving money, and learning to live within your means is probably do-able if you are a military family. Since I AM a military wife, my writing will certainly be dripping with red, white, and blue. With basic necessities covered by BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing), staying at home to raise the young-uns makes more sense for many military families than paying for childcare. That said, civilian families will surely find lots of ideas, tips, and tricks that will work for them too.

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