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Why Classy Sites?

There’s two big reasons that I built this business plan. One is quite noble, the other very selfish. Since I’m writing this article and I like to point out the best in me (who doesn’t?!), I’ll start with the noble cause! wink pic The number one reason that the website Classy Sites exists is because I want to help other families avoid the money-traps that my family has endured. Over the years we have managed to function on one income. Was it easy? Hell no. Was it worth it? Heck yeah! I was able to stay-at-home with my children and watch them take their first steps, eat their first taste of carrots and peas, and help them ride their bike without training wheels. But we did pinch pennies! It was hard!

The second and much more selfish reason that I started Classy Sites is because I hope to make a few dollars. I’ve learned how to set-up and run websites through my search for the perfect stay-at-home-job searches. I learned that I love to design websites, and I really enjoy writing. I love to share what I’ve learned with others. So I created a way to sell that skill-set at a fair price and I hope to someday have enough clients that my webhosting and copywriting truly does supply my family with a second income.

So if you are tossing the idea around that you want a website for your home business, or you want to try your hand at professional blogging, shoot me an email. I can set you up with a GREAT back-end and you are allowed to make money, build a shopping cart, or whatever else you need as long as it’s a legitimate home-business. I’ll help you get started for much less than other web designers charge, and honestly, my fees are not much more than going it alone!

How to Write an Article or Comment that Webmasters Won’t Delete

Welcome to Classy Sites, a website for helping stay-at-home-parents reach their dreams to stay at home with their kids and still afford to eat. Here you will find all kinds of topics from the musings of a Marine’s wife. Stuff about my kids, how I save a buck, road trips, taking care of the animals we own or have owned in the past, gardening, education, and general household living all will have their place in my blog posts. I know that the expert bloggers say to focus on a subject but I just can’t, it’s not my nature! My husband often says “look, you saw a bunny, didn’t you?” because it seems I never finish one project before I start a new one!

With all the different topics though, it’s easy to find one that you know something about, or that interests you in some way. If you land on a topic about say, traveling with children, your comment should reflect that you actually read and either agreed or disagreed with my reasoning or something in the blog article. It is OK to disagree with me, but it is not OK to say something like “I googled this subject (what subject, hunny?) for 30 minutes and you’ve finally answered my question (what question, dear?). I delete those. Why? Because it is clear you’ve put no thought into your comment, and that you are posting this same line on as many blogs as you can today.

If you would like your comment to appear and not be deleted, read the article first, then write something thoughtful about it. I keep those, and hopefully you and I can become a sort of partnership. I’ll scratch your back (with back links) if you scratch mine (with well-thought comments).

Now go find an article and read it! I’ll do the same for you.